Aircraft Acquisition

Buying an aircraft is an emotional experience. If you haven’t had any dealings in aviation before, this can also be a grueling experience. Unfortunately it happens to often that an aircraft is purchased and doesn’t fit the new owner’s needs.

A manufacturer’s interest is in selling you their product, an operator’s interest is in selling you an aircraft that they can manage. These don’t necessarily have to be your interests!

We can help you find the aircraft and if necessary, the operator that best fits your needs and your budget.

Once you’ve made your choice, we can assist in finding you the right aircraft, whether it be a new aircraft or one from the second hand market. There have never been so many available as at the moment, making it a buyer’s market with superb value for money.

If we can assist you, please phone me or send me an e-mail with your particulars that we may contact you or your assistant to make an appointment to explain how we go to work for you!